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Two Success Stories: Dulce Mezta Peñaloza y Karime Mesta Peñaloza

Dulce and Karime are two lovely sisters, who came to Casa Hogar in September 1999. Dulce was seven, and Karime was six. Their mother was a single parent with no place to leave her girls while she worked. They had no way to get to and from school. Casa Hogar was a blessing for them; it provided a safe, loving place for the girls to live and attend school.

The girls were dedicated to their studies, got good grades, and both of them finished high school. Casa Hogar provided a couple of years of study at a technical school in Ojinaga for Dulce. After her studies, Dulce found employment as a bookkeeper in a Public Accounting office. Karime works as a secretary assistant in the same office.

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