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So Long Larry; how we miss you.

Casa Hogar and the children of Albergue Casa Hogar lost another key supporter in 2016: Larry McCormick. He was International Chair for Rotary in Alpine; needing an international project, he connected with Teda Neill. The first project for ACH was Rotary providing new shoes for all the children. Money was collected and the children were taken to a shoe store in Ojinaga to pick their own shoes. Larry and his wife Nancy personally supported many subsequent projects. The most important was providing most of the funding and the leadership to help the Mexico Board of Directors establish a Mexican non-profit and accept title to the property where the children were living. Until then no one would help the Mexican Board with money for renovations, and donations were limited because they were not a legal non-profit. Once that was accomplished, a grant for a whole new building was obtained and a new kitchen and meeting area was built. Then through the help of many other donors both in Mexico and the USA, a new dorm was built. They continued to provide monetary support for several years after. Without the help of the McCormicks, the facility in Ojinaga quite possibly would not have come into being.

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