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Geraldo Gardea: ACH/CHOI Success Story

Gerardo came to Casa Hogar in September 1999 at age seven. Gerardo’s father had abandoned his wife and kids. His mother, worked to support them, but needed help to take care of the children while she worked. When she came to Casa Hogar, they welcomed Gerardo and his siblings with open arms. Gerardo was an intelligent, obedient child, who had problems integrating and showing affection,due to not having his father around.

Gerardo, gives credit to the Casa Hogar psychologist, for helping him get over his insecurity and become successful in school. He graduated from High School, then the Police Academy; he’s currently an Ojinaga policeman.

He is a good, honest man, who is married and has a two year old son. He is very fortunate to have had Casa Hogar in his life. He is helping other children by setting an example, and guiding them in the right direction.

We are very proud of Gerardo.

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