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Borderland Ministries steps up

The Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande presented Casa Hogar

with a $2500 grant. The grant application, sponsored by St.

James, Alpine, was submitted last fall; Liz Hightower helped put

together the financial information requested. The diocese has

supported Casa Hogar for the past several years by grants or

donations including a large donation of linens earlier this year.

Mike Soukup of the diocese’s Borderland Ministries contacted

Nancy Antrim of St James to see how they could help. The Rev.

Kay Jennings of St. James, and a member of the Borderland

Ministries Board, along with Nancy, Petra Tucker and Victoria

Bannister visited Casa Hogar and learned they needed industrial

size pots and pans for the kitchen. The home prepares three

meals a day for over 30 children, and their current pots and pans

were in very bad condition; so, Borderland Ministries donated a

number of pots and pans. Mike accompanied Kay, Petra and Bob

Brewer to Ojinaga to deliver their donation.

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