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Alpine Baptists help with King's Day

The children at the orphanage are very well behaved and very patient as they wait for their name to be

called. Once again, they received many wonderful gifts provided by organizations from nearby communities in the US.

The Youth at First Baptist Church, Alpine, had their annual fundraiser and gave the children wind suits and small gifts and candy. First Methodist Church, Alpine, and First Presbyterian Church, Ft Davis gave shoes and bags full of goodies for the children. Many kids then headed out to the playground for time with the children to help them discover their new gifts. Many got sports equipment to try out with a number of kids from Alpine. They got lots of hugs and attention, and we all practiced our English and Spanish skills. For those of us that have enjoyed this occasion each year, it only gets better and better! The children recognize familiar faces and it is great to see them growing into capable, responsible, and happy young people.

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