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Casa Hogar Orphanage Inc (CHOI), headquartered in Alpine, Texas, funded an exercise and play area for Albergue Casa Hogar in Ojinaga, Mexico, that provides shade and keeps the ball from going over the wall into the street. 

Casa Hogar Orphanage, Inc

In 2012, Casa Hogar Orphanage Inc (CHOI) participated in an Alpine, Texas, event called Gallery Night to solicit donations, sell pot holders made by Teda Neill and others, and, in general, provide visibility for the CHOI program.  A group from First Presbyterian Church of Alpine, Texas, made the Raggedy Ann and Andy and other items for sale, and then organized and operated the booth.  

PAST PROJECTS                            

AN ON-GOING PROJECT             

Keeping the Treat Closet stocked.   The Albergue Casa Hogar kids get to choose a gift on birthdays and after earning sufficient points for good behavior. Donations are always needed and welcome to keep the closet stocked. Suggestions include elementary level books and CD's and movies in SPANISH.

Past sponsors who have donated include local Dollar General stores.

Casa Hogar Orphanage, Inc


 The Daily Planet was an independent Texas newspaper, delivering news and educated commentary about all things that affect Texas. This was from their 2011 report

Casa Hogar Orphanage Inc

Terlingua hoopers take hula hoops to Albergue Casa Hogar, February 2014. Terlingua, Texas, is located in the Border Region.

Above:  Treat Closet     Below:  Dia de los Muertos shrine


The Albergue Casa Hogar (ACH) children built a shrine for El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) to remember founders Ing. Miquel Torres Cebrain and wife Carmelita, and a previous Director Sr. Marco Polo Alvarez.  

Casa Hogr Orphange, Inc

The youth of the First Baptist Church of Alpine, Texas, have raised nearly $1000 to buy new coats for every child at Albergue Casa Hogar.  The coats will be presented at a party to be held at the Orphanage in January. To raise the money, the group made tortilla soup, cornbread, dessert, and a salad which they served to all the folks who attended church that Sunday at $5 per bowl.  Obviously, lots of people paid more than $5.


The youth of University Church of Christ in Denver, Colorado, individually raised money and donated it to pay for hoodies for the children at Albergue Casa Hogar.  One parent and  youth minister, Josh Jones, coordinated the work.  This was their service project for their Christmas party.

Casa Hogar Orphanage Inc

Youth of University Church of Christ in Denver 

Family from Austin loading back packs.

A family from Austin collected 40 back packs for distribution to the children.

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