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Casa Hogar Orphanage Inc (CHOI) will send two thank you letters for honorarium and memorium donations, one to the donor and one to the honoree or honoree's family.

Consider donating to remember someone or to honor a friend

Several ways you can help:

  • Send check to Casa Hogar Orphanage Inc (CHOI), PO 305, Alpine, TX, USA  79831.

  • Donate on line at Network for Good (NFG).  NFG will use a small percentage of your donation for its services.

  • Sign up for Amazon Smile.  In this case, Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to CHOI, and the donation costs you nothing.  

  • You can visit the Albergue Casa Hogar (ACH) site in Ojinaga, assist with projects or read to the children. First, contact Petra Tucker at PO Box 305, Alpine, TX, for more information and to plan the visit.

  • gifts of elementary level books or CD's in Spanish are always a welcome addition

Casa Hogar Orphanage Inc (CHOI) is an IRS 501(c)(3) qualified organization.  100% of your donation is given to Albergue Casa Hogar (ACH) to help fund its care of the children.  CHOI has no paid staff. Members of the CHOI Board of Directors pay for "overhead" expenses such as mailings and Web page out of pocket.  



Tax Status

Why give to Casa Hogar Orphanage Inc (CHOI)?

The Casa Hogar children that Casa Hogar Orphanage Inc (CHOI) supports live in the “Border Region”, a poverty-stricken area along the USA/Mexico border about 200 miles wide and 2000 miles long.  Both countries want to improve the economy in the region; but who is helping the children in the meantime? Though the border problem is too big for CHOI to solve, we can help one small part, the desperately poor children of Ojinaga.  Your donation will give those children a chance; some of them may grow up inspired to lead Ojinaga and the Border Region out of its poverty.   The future is the children.



How much of my donation goes to "Overhead" costs?

None, fundraising and other CHOI overhead costs are paid for by members of the CHOI Board of Directors out of pocket.

 Alison says, please help us out with your donation!

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