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Albergue Casa Hogar

Casa Hogar Orphanage, Inc

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Our Mission:


Our organization's sole focus is to support Albergue Casa Hogar (ACH) of Ciudad Manuel Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico, located in the Border Region.  Albergue Casa Hogar provides food, shelter, activities, love and tender care for economically disadvantaged, orphaned, abused or homeless children. The average census is over 30 children ages 3 to 18.  

Casa Hogar Orphanage, Inc, organization


Casa Hogar Orphanage Inc (CHOI) is registered with the IRS as a (501(c)(3) qualified non-profit public charity, and is required to file an IRS Form 990; filings can be found at GuideStar.  Casa Hogar Orphange Inc,  headquartered in Alpine, TX, has no paid staff and overhead expenses are paid for by CHOI Directors so that 100% of your donation goes to Albergue Casa Hogar (ACH) for its programs.


Albergue Casa Hogar organization


Like CHOI, Albergue Casa Hogar is a non-profit public charity run by an elected Board of Directors.   Casa Hogar Orhpanage Inc provides approximately 90% of Albergue Casa Hogar (ACH) funding; the remainder is provided by Mexican sources.   If it were not for the shelter, the children would often be living on the street or in abusive homes. Our goal is to give them the opportunity to become educated, moral, responsible, and productive adults.  ACH operations are subject to Mexican regulations administered by the Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF), an agency of the Mexican government.  The children are usually placed by DIF. 

Casa Hogar Orphanage, Inc


One of the dormitories

Life at Albergue Casa Hogar (ACH)

A while ago, one of the girls was running for election as queen of the public school that  she attends.  The Albergue Casa Hogar (ACH) women and children helped her fund raise for the election.  A Casa Hogar Orphanage Inc (CHOI) lady from Alpine, Texas, donated her daughter’s blue formal, another shoes, another sparkly jewelry and another $50 to have her hair and nails done.  She did not win but she was a princess in the court which was wonderful.


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